Schema FAQ Block Extension Demo

This is a live demo of Schema FAQ Block extension for Schema Premium WordPress plugin with example of FAQPage structured data markup output.

FAQ Block Demo

What Schema FAQ Block?

Schema FAQ Block is an extension for Schema Premium plugin for WordPress.

What Schema FAQ Block Does?

Introduce a new Gutenberg Block for Frequently Asked Questions, which has repeated and ordered block custom fields for inserting questions and answers.

It also outputs a valid FAQPage structured data markup in the page source code automatically.

How To Add FAQ Block To Content?

Simply search for FAQ block in Gutenberg and use as any other block. Make use of the repeated fields to add as many as questions as you like.

How To Add FAQPage Structured Data?

You can add FAQPage in Schema Premium plugin and target content of your desired FAQ page, then insert the FAQ Block to your content and fill Questions and Answers.

The Schema Premium plugin will then output the FAQPage markup automatically in the source code of your page. Structured Data of this page